We know it's Halloween weekend, but two Bismarck residents have reported very strange, real life events to the police in the last 24 hours.


According to the Bismarck Tribune, the first strange event happened Tuesday, (October 24) when a Bismarck resident insisted someone switched her beverage without her permission or knowledge. The woman told police she went to grab a bottle of water and ended up drinking peppermint schnapps. She had no idea how it happened, she did admit to leaving her door unlocked when she was doing the laundry. It is not known if the bottle was tampered with while in the fridge or if she bought it from the store with schnapps in the bottle by mistake.

Then on Wednesday, police responded to a strange call, when a Bismarck man reported his garage had a coat of poly-resin fiber fill applied to the frame of his three car garage without his permission or his knowledge. His home is located on North Valley Drive. It seems to be a professional job, but the homeowner did not request the job. The cost to repair the repair is estimated at about $2000.

Someone in the neighborhood said they saw a white truck and a man perform the unwanted professional job on the man's house.

After all, it is Halloween week and all sorts of spooks are out.

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