You always hear about situations like this and you always hope it doesn't happen to you. A young woman, taking her driving test, drove into the DMV building. CRASH!

According to Inforum, Buffalo, MN Police responded to a call at 1pm, Wednesday, (March 21)  when a teenager drove her car with the examiner seated in the car into the side of the DMV building while trying to pass the road test of her driving test. The DMV is located on First Avenue, Buffalo in Wright County, just outside of Minneapolis.

The crash caused severe damage to the buildin, when the teenager mistakenly put the vehicle in drive instead of reverse.

She drove forward, jumped the curve and crashed into the side of the DMV.

The driver was not injured, the examiner was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and no charges are expected.

On some level, there is humor in this, and on a more serious level, you must feel for the teen driver.




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