Just when you thought Bismarck couldn't get any bigger, a family of new residents have decided to pick an unconventional area in town as their home. 

In the parking lot of Universal Athletic in Pinehurst Square, we stumbled across an adorable, fuzzy surprise - a mama duck sitting on a nest of eggs! We have no idea how long she's been there or how much longer it will be until the ducklings hatch, but we do know it's one of the cutest things we've seen in a while.

Townsquare Media-Bismarck
Townsquare Media-Bismarck

In speaking with North Dakota Game & Fish, they recommended leaving the mama and eggs alone for fear of disturbing them and putting them in harm's way. So if you're up by Pinehurst Square, admire from a distance, because let's be honest, a soon-to-be mother has enough to worry about!

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