When it comes to jobs, be careful what you wish for...seems the more they pay you the more they want you to do!   Don't get me wrong, lower-paying jobs can be ridiculously labor-intensive but generally when you clock out for the day you're off the hook.

If you make more money you can take a decent vacation if you can take off the time to even go on vacation. Of course, if you make less money you may not even have vacation time.  One thing's for sure...we should all be on vacation right now.  Wouldn't that be nice?

How many of these "low-paying jobs" have you had?

I've had plenty of them.  Shoot, it's probably just a clerical error that my current job didn't make this list.  50 years ago, I started out as a newspaper boy.  Delivering papers than going door to door to collect check payments from old people.  Not as glamorous as it sounds. Collecting was the worst.

When checking out the top 20 keep in mind the pay listed is "Average Salary"

Once you're done with the top 20 gallery, keep going down for the entire top 100 Lowest Paying Jobs in North Dakota.  There you'll also see the "Entry Level Salary" for these positions.   The average level is sometimes 50% more than the entry-level.  So if you can afford to stick around it gets better.

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Iryna Kurhan

Also, keep in mind tips are not included in the salary, keep that in mind when you take the host job instead of the waiter position.  Many hosts don't make a dime in tips. So yes as a blackjack dealer ya ain't making much per hour but some nights you can kill it in tips.

Most of the positions listed have a clickable link with a more complete job description.

So lets get to it- as ranked by Zippia.com, Zippia is a company that proclaims itself "The Career Expert".  I guess I don't have a real reason to doubt them.  The North Dakota numbers are a few years old but for most positions, I don't imagine things have changed drastically.  Let's get to it!

The 20 Lowest Paying Jobs In North Dakota

Many of these jobs pay pretty well if you factor in tips. But if you're not making tips, you're not making much.

From Zippia here's the entire 100!


1Ushers, Lobby Attendants, And Ticket Takers$20,150$16,760290
3Waiters And Waitresses$21,140$16,3805,950
4Hosts And Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, And Coffee Shop$21,860$16,730800
6Dining Room And Cafeteria Attendants And Bartender Helpers$23,530$17,9601,090
8Counter Attendants, Cafeteria, Food Concession, And Coffee Shop$23,850$17,4101,870
9Tour And Travel Guides$24,380$16,49040
10Nonfarm Animal Caretakers$24,440$19,250480
11Cooks, Short Order$24,700$18,670410
12Combined Food Preparation And Serving Workers, Including Fast Food$24,990$19,3407,700
13Cooks, Fast Food$25,000$17,7001,200
14Amusement And Recreation Attendants$25,030$17,5401,060
15Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, And Other Recreational Protective Service Workers$25,030$18,810410
16Veterinary Assistants And Laboratory Animal Caretakers$25,120$19,48090
18Childcare Workers$25,190$18,1402,880
19Packers And Packagers, Hand$25,460$18,150410
20Parking Lot Attendants$25,660$21,22080
21Maids And Housekeeping Cleaners$25,720$19,0303,850
22Hotel, Motel, And Resort Desk Clerks$26,120$20,5001,490
23Food Preparation Workers$26,160$19,7501,720
24Taxi Drivers And Chauffeurs$26,710$19,030770
25Food Batchmakers$26,870$21,190470
26Sewing Machine Operators$26,960$20,530160
27Floral Designers$27,300$21,230160
28Food Servers, Nonrestaurant$27,500$21,0001,090
29Laundry And Dry-Cleaning Workers$27,600$18,110790
30Gaming Dealers$27,740$16,460970
31Locker Room, Coatroom, And Dressing Room Attendants$27,940$19,90070
32Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, And Aquacultural Animals$28,020$20,310140
33Cooks, Restaurant$28,130$19,8202,930
34Dietetic Technicians$28,160$20,100250
35Library Assistants, Clerical$28,220$18,380150
36Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education$28,220$19,6801,220
37Hairdressers, Hairstylists, And Cosmetologists$28,240$16,9901,100
38Couriers And Messengers$28,680$22,280160
39Ambulance Drivers And Attendants, Except Emergency Medical Technicians$28,860$16,820300
40Funeral Attendants$28,960$21,140170
41Driver/sales Workers$28,980$16,8602,160
42Meat, Poultry, And Fish Cutters And Trimmers$29,070$22,00050
43Automotive And Watercraft Service Attendants$29,140$20,060240
44Stock Clerks And Order Fillers$29,330$20,6105,690
45Receptionists And Information Clerks$29,480$20,5901,570
46Cleaners Of Vehicles And Equipment$29,710$21,3201,420
48Mail Clerks And Mail Machine Operators, Except Postal Service$30,110$19,650190
49Slaughterers And Meat Packers$30,160$21,06050
51Demonstrators And Product Promoters$30,440$26,02060
52Janitors And Cleaners, Except Maids And Housekeeping Cleaners$30,740$20,9206,370
53Farmworkers And Laborers, Crop, Nursery, And Greenhouse$30,830$19,190230
54Packaging And Filling Machine Operators And Tenders$30,880$22,2601,020
55Pharmacy Aides$30,940$20,380200
56Food And Tobacco Roasting, Baking, And Drying Machine Operators And Tenders$31,030$21,000110
57Carpet Installers$31,210$18,19090
58Personal Care And Service Workers, All Other$31,220$18,910130
59Tire Repairers And Changers$31,280$22,050400
60Photographic Process Workers And Processing Machine Operators$31,290$21,65030
61Cooks, Institution And Cafeteria$31,370$22,8701,920
62Helpers–Pipelayers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, And Steamfitters$31,460$21,51090
63Recreation Workers$31,470$20,810730
64Fitness Trainers And Aerobics Instructors$31,730$17,5901,750
65Gaming Surveillance Officers And Gaming Investigators$31,740$23,310100
67Switchboard Operators, Including Answering Service$31,900$23,130100
68Molding, Coremaking, And Casting Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, Metal And Plastic$31,930$26,28080
69Transportation Workers, All Other$32,180$23,550120
70Coaches And Scouts$32,230$17,2801,040
71Office Machine Operators, Except Computer$32,320$26,180140
72Umpires, Referees, And Other Sports Officials$32,370$17,910150
73Library Technicians$32,510$20,580290
74Crossing Guards$32,510$21,890140
75Teacher Assistants$32,550$23,2305,020
76Emergency Medical Technicians And Paramedics$32,680$16,700830
77Residential Advisors$32,710$18,450860
78Retail Salespersons$32,830$19,42013,330
79Personal Care Aides$32,890$25,4606,090
81Refuse And Recyclable Material Collectors$33,030$17,830390
82Food Cooking Machine Operators And Tenders$33,330$21,580200
84Physical Therapist Aides$33,350$25,680110
85Data Entry Keyers$33,380$23,570300
86Interviewers, Except Eligibility And Loan$33,410$26,100320
87Merchandise Displayers And Window Trimmers$33,520$24,260360
88Skincare Specialists$33,520$20,440200
89Woodworking Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, Except Sawing$33,570$27,720170
90Travel Agents$33,600$24,400290
91Landscaping And Groundskeeping Workers$33,680$22,2402,130
92Opticians, Dispensing$33,900$26,240440
93Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians$33,940$21,64070
94Nursing Assistants$33,990$26,1507,080
95Engine And Other Machine Assemblers$34,090$21,00060
96Home Health Aides$34,100$24,830550
97Production Workers, All Other$34,200$24,390880
98Laborers And Freight, Stock, And Material Movers, Hand$34,470$23,3705,950
99Baggage Porters And Bellhops$34,570$19,980140
100Furniture Finishers$34,670$23,92030

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