The world of Major League Baseball. This is a JOB where ballplayers hardly ever stay with one team their whole career. The old days of men playing a game with a ball and bat and NO agent. Think about that? No wrangling for more money, zero contract disputes - the privileged few who played for the sheer love of the sport. There are some people who have lost their interest in professional sports - their argument is that athletes are "only in it for the money". Well, wouldn't you be? If your career life span only averaged 3.3 years in the National Football League, that would propel you to seek as much money as possible. Let's get back to baseball, for we all know it's a less physical game, still, the odds of being drafted by a Major League team straight out of college is eleven in 100 - or 10.5 percent. So yes, big-league professional sports is a business, and the pawns in the game get moved around from city-city, uniform-uniform. The question - is the love affair with baseball gone?

The answer to that last question was clearly evident when Minnesota Twins fans embraced Target Field yesterday for the first time since October of 2019. According to KSTP Matt Hodson, the Minnesota Twins communications manager summed it up by saying "It's a momentous day not only for the Twins but for the city of Minneapolis and the state as a whole,"  The capacity of the crowd didn't matter (only 10,000 fans were allowed in - COVID-19 codes of course). The crack of the bat, the sights and sounds that bring back memories of men playing a boys game. People breathed in the fresh air again, and life was back to semi-normal. The players from both sides (Minnesota and Seattle) mingled around the field - kind of like the good old days - social distancing and masks of course - Welcome to MLB - 2021 style!

Play Ball!

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