On May 7th, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced a plan to rollback COVID-19 restrictions, and here's what that means for Minnesota Twins fans like myself.

I've pretty much gone to at least one Twins game just about every year of my life.  My parents use to bring me to the Metrodome when I was a little guy, and I have continued the tradition with my boy too.  We love Target Field and 2020 sure ruined our annual family trip to Minneapolis to watch a Twins game.

With vaccines rolling out and numbers declining across Minnesota and the rest of the country, the Twins started off the season with a very limited number of fans.  Tickets were hard to come by and expensive.  Well, some good news, things should be improving in a big way.

It sounds like the Twins should be able to operate Target Field at full capacity (if they want to) as early as next home series when they return to Minneapolis to host the Oakland A's on May 14th, 15th and 16th.  Thanks to Governor Tim Walz rollback on restrictions, there are no longer any capacity restriction for outdoor events.  That's right, a full house is a "go" for outdoor events.

This is great news for ball games, outdoor concerts and get togethers.

Now, if we could do something about the Twins relief pitchers?  Despite their 12-20 record so far this season, the Twins have a run differential of minus one.  That tells me, they've been in every game, they just have to start winning some of these close games.  Their relief pitching has been "God Awful" so far this season.  Let's hope somebody has the answer for this.

Win or lose, I myself am looking forward to making the trip and enjoying some outdoor baseball with my son.  I can't wait!


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