This past Saturday, July 25th the North Dakota High School Student Angler Federation held a fishing tournament at Spiritwood Lake.  Spiritwood is located northeast of Jamestown, North Dakota.  Colton Blomberg, who was a boat captain for the tournament, donated his time, boat and gas for the tourney.  As Colton was navigating his boat with his two high school fishing partners, they ran into some trouble at a dock.

Two kids decided to start throwing water balloons at Colton and his crew.  This was a bass fishing tournament and it's common practice among bass fisherman to fish the docks.  Bass often hide under docks to feed on panfish and get out of the sun.  In the video below, it appears that the kids throwing balloons live in the cabin, that own the dock.  It also looks like a parent is instructing the children to throw the balloons.

As somebody who fishes for bass often, I want to make something perfectly clear.  Bass fisherman do not usually fish a dock that is currently being used.  So, I highly doubt somebody from the tournament fished this dock while the kids were on it.  I'm guessing that teams before Colton's had fished the dock.  The parents didn't like it and sent their kids out to harass other fisherman coming by.

Spiritwood is a small lake, less than 500 acres and is pretty developed with numerous cabins.  It's too bad something like this had to happen at an event designed to get kids interested in fishing.  This was more than likely something that was orchestrated by the parents designed to create a bad experience.  This isn't something that is supposed to happen in North Dakota.  You can see for yourself in the video below.  WARNING some mild language at the very end of the video.


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