Talk about a junkball pitcher.

Teenager Jordan Leandre, who has survived bone cancer, threw out the first pitch prior to the Red Sox-Cardinals game on Wednesday night. It didn't go well. At all.

Leandre's pitch wound up hitting a cameraman in the one part of the male anatomy that should never be treated so roughly.

Leandre has been at Fenway Park before, so he's used to the bright lights of the legendary field.

The pitch happened while members of Boston's 1967 pennant-winning team were on the field. Check out their reaction.

And considering all the medical issues he's battled before, we're confident Leandre will be able to brush off all the ribbing he's gonna take for his errant toss.

Fortunately, Leandre's pitch didn't bring too much heat. That's because the cameraman, Tony Capobianco, was a-okay. He clearly saw the humor in the whole situation.

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