"That Midwestern Mom" has become a viral sensation on Tik Tok, about a Minnesota woman's homemade fruit salads.

If you happen to be on Tik Tok, you may have seen the viral sensation known as "That Midwestern Mom."

"That Midwestern Mom" is a persona who makes all of those fun Jello and fruit salads we used to see potlucks. The Jason Show (Minnesota) interviewed Amber Schwarzrock about her alter ego on Tik Tok, asking her how she got the idea to make fruit salads for the world. And the idea actually started out as a blog.

Amber told The Jason Show that she has lived around the country and abroad. She would make her fruit salads for people in the places she lived, and many could not grasp the concept of these midwestern "salads." So, she wanted to think of a fun way to inform people about "Minnesota food and gatherings." Amber stated that she suffers from dyslexia, so trying Tik Tok was maybe better than blogging about Minnesota food. It was the right decision.

Amber now has followers from all around. The Grand Forks Herald reports that Amber went from 1,000 followers to 55,000 in just a couple of months. And she even has almost gotten to a million "likes" (according to The Jason Show)! Get more details about "That Midwestern Mom" here.

I am not a huge fruit salad person (except I am obsessed with Grape Salad), but Amber Schwarzrock's stereotypical midwestern mother is spot-on. I love the Marshall's mom from "How I Met Your Mother" crossed with Drop Dead Gorgeous vibes.

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