Today is February 1st and Groundhogs day is tomorrow.  No matter what that rodent has instore for us weather-wise for the rest of the winter, here's 5 things you have to look forward to during the month of February.

1. The Typical "Coldest" month of the year is over!

January is normally the coldest month for the state of North Dakota.  Yes, early February can be chilly as well, but in general the worst is behind us.  (However, the coldest temps we've seen all winter are coming this weekend.  Try not to focus on that.)

2. It's the last full-month of Winter!

The official first day of Spring is Saturday, March 20th. And with February being the shortest month, that day will be here a lot sooner than we think.  If I had to bet, we'll be fishing the river out of a boat by the end of the month.  Nothing says spring, like the mile long lines at the Fox Island boat ramp or Hazelton.

3.  There are a ton a fun holiday's in February!

With exception of Valentines day.  Sorry about that Ladies.  A holiday I dread each and every year.  It seldom seems to go as planned, but enough of my problems.  Besides Ground Hog's day tomorrow, Valentines day on the 14th, we have Presidents Day on the 15th and Mardi Gras is the 16th.  Somebody alert my liver.  No shortage of things to celebrate during the month of February.

4.  It's the best time to go on vacation and escape winter.

If you do find yourself going stir crazy this month, why not get away?  Plenty of cheap airline destinations available right now.  Vegas?  Florida?  Arizona?  Just a short flight away from Bismarck.

5.  It's Prime-Time for Winter fun!

Maybe a little skiing at Huff Hills?  Last chance to hit the outdoor rinks.  North Dakota state hockey tournaments.  Lakes are finally frozen, February is a great month for ice fishing.  Take advantage of all the great outdoors here in NoDak!


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