Firefighters put themselves at risk every day. Have you ever wondered what they get paid to put their life on the line?

MoneyTalksNews recently put together a list of what firefighters earn, on average, in every state.

Firefighters in Mississippi earn the least amount of money on average receiving a yearly salary of $31,430 or $15.11 per hour.

The highest paid firefighters are in New Jersey where they make an average of $81,730 annually or $39.30 per hour.

North Dakota firefighters are right in the middle of the pack. They are the 24th highest paid firefighters in the nation earning an average yearly salary of $45,330. The hourly wage is $21.79.

In surrounding states, South Dakota firefighters earn $43,060 per year, Montana firefighters make $49,310 and in Minnesota they average $34,770 per year.

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