It seems every year, someone publishes the best of the best hamburger from every state and Saturday (5/28), Spoon University released their list of the best burger list.

And who doesn't love a big, thick, juice burger. Depending on where you travel, there are so many different variations of hamburgers. Some come with eggs on them, there are the burgers with onion rings on them, and if you travel to Minnesota, you have not enjoyed a piece of heaven until you had the 'Juicy Lucy' with the melted cheese squeeze into the meat patty.

Today, (5/28) just in time for Memorial Day, when some family and friends will be grilling burgers and brats, Spoon University published their list of the best of the American Classic from every state. The criteria was simple, the writer of the story traveled to every state, sampled various burgers from each state, and made her list.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

To be perfectly clear, this would be a list of her favorite burger from each state.

Jasmine Kharazi claims she did much research before publishing this list. The best burger in North Dakota goes to Sickies Burgers and Brews. According the Jasmine, The Sickies Burger is the best burger in the state. If the Sickies Burger doesn't make a party in your mouth, Sickies Burgers and Brews also features another 49 other burgers plus they'll offer 50 different brews to wash it down with.

This is  definitely a subject that will cause a debate. Do you agree with Jasmine's list of the best burger? You can view the complete list of the best burger from every state here.

Sickies Garage has locations in Bismarck and Fargo. You can see the entire menu here.



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