I took a stroll through my adopted hometown of Lincoln, North Dakota a couple of nights ago looking for Halloween decorations.  My listeners had suggested some locations on social media to check out.

It seems like every city has that over-the-top house that likes to go all out for holidays.  No matter if it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  Lincoln is no different.

There were three houses that caught my eye.  One of them, unfortunately, had all of their blow-up decorations down for some reason.  So, I didn't really get a feel for what the home would've looked like.  Another one had a lot of nice decorations, but not a lot of lights.  This home probably looked better in the light.

However, there was one home that defiantly took the cake.  Lights, inflatables, creepy clowns in the windows, a spooky video, and much more.  Here are some photos of this home that certainly captured the spirit of Halloween in Lincoln.  It's on Sturgis Loop.  Enjoy!  BOO!

The Best Halloween Decorations In Lincoln




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