I want ice cream. And I want it from a true, real, American ice cream shop!

Now before the herky jerky internet commenters come out and yell at me and try to tell me how great Dairy Queen, or Coldstone, or TCBY, or Orange Leaf or whatever is… let me first say that I have nothing against the frozen treats served at these establishments.

I've eaten at the Dairy Queens and Coldstones of the world many times. I walk away satisfied each time. It's good. But it's not the same as going to a TRUE, LOCAL, CLASSIC, ice cream shop.

Don't you remember the good old days of real ice cream shops?

Let me give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. Let's take a trip over to Davenport, Iowa. Davenport and the whole 'Quad City' region have a chain of ice cream shops called Whitey's. We can discuss the name a different time. It doesn't matter.

I used to live in the area and this is what an ice cream shop should be. Of course it was recently named the best ice cream in the friggin world but even that isn't the point here.

Look at this place.

This is what an ice cream shop should look like! But there's more!

Look at those silly looking hats and those dumb aprons. And then look at the ugly khaki pants!

And in all seriousness, in this instance, 'dumb,' 'silly,' and 'ugly' are all compliments in this situation. Because THIS is what an ice cream shop should look like! And to top it all off, a great area right outside the place to sit and enjoy your ice cream!

And don't get me wrong. You don't have to go all the way to the border of Iowa and Illinois to find a legit ice cream shop. They exist here in North Dakota. Pride Dairy in Bottineau is a great example. But that's in Bottineau! I'm not going all the way there.

And I know Pride Dairy sells their ice cream in stores but again… it isn't about the ice cream… it's about the EXPERIENCE!

That's why if you like Dairy Queen and Coldstone and whatnot, that's totally fine! It's not the ice cream I'm upset about. It's the setting and the experience.

BisMan needs a true, legitimate, local ice cream shop. And until we get one, I will continue to feel the same way. The ice cream scene in BisMan sucks. So if you are rich, and you like ice cream, please open a place like this. I would do it myself, but I only meet one of the two prerequisites.

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