The most wonderful time of the year has given way to the most confusing.

Christmas and the New Year's parties are behind us, mere streamers left on the ground of the year that was. Yes, it's a new year and everywhere you go you're probably inundated with people saying, "Happy New Year." Your cashier at the supermarket has probably said it. So has your mailman. And your dry cleaner.

At some point, though, this madness has to stop, a fact Seinfeld once told us:

Wishing someone a happy new year is certainly a nice gesture, but should those words keep coming out of our mouths by the time Martin Luther King, Jr. Day rolls around or when we're planning Valentine's Day? At some point, there should be a cutoff. The question is when. And much like whether Loch Ness Monster exists or why people ever liked Steven Seagal movies, the answer remains unclear.

So, you tell us.

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