What gives North Dakotans more anxiety than anything else?

Everyone everywhere worries about something. Google trends have shown what every state in the country worries the most about. Several of the results make perfect sense based on where the state is regionally located. What do you think we worry about the most in our state? Could it be winter storms, flooding, droughts? Try none of the above. In North Dakota, the biggest worry that we have is 'alcoholism.'

It's no secret that North Dakota enjoys its adult beverages. In fact, last year, two cities in North Dakota were among the 10 drunkest cities in the U.S. Our neighbors to the east in Minnesota also have anxiety about alcoholism. While many states, including North Dakota and Minnesota, have serious topics they're consistently worried about, some others are more peculiar.

For instance, Nebraska's biggest worry is 'forklifts.' Ohio is worried about 'heights.' Despite the wide open area in the large state of Texas, their biggest worries are 'confined spaces.' To view the entire map, you can see what every state worries about the most here.

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