Months later we are still rewarded for what the Bismarck Marathon does for our city, AND people

I've been out here in Bismarck now for almost three years, and I've experienced the feeling of what the Bismarck Marathon brings - to all work together to either cross the finish line OR to be at mile 16 handing out water to the runners in the rain. Whether you came in first place or you were one of the last, we are seeing the results and the impact this event brings. When September 14-16 of next year rolls around, North Dakota's longest-running marathon, we are talking 43 years! Now, if I have motivated you enough to think about making next year's 26.2-mile race your first marathon, this is the perfect time to start training for it ( well if you can find someplace to run indoors )

"Ok...well I was just one of the volunteers, why should I be proud?"

If that's the question you were thinking about asking, let me give you some awesome information - the 2023 Bismarck Marathon just put out a press release, here is part of just how WE all should feel proud:


The 2022 Bismarck Marathon donated a total of $31,350 to 35 different organizations and charities. MDU Resources Group Inc., the presenting partner of the Bismarck Marathon, matched the raised amount to help break the $30,000 threshold. The 2022 Bismarck Marathon weekend was held September 15-17.   Here is my favorite part, this comes from the co-race director Josh Askvig “The mission of the Bismarck Marathon is to hold a community event that then gives back to promote youth health and wellness throughout Bismarck and Mandan, The donations this year reflect that commitment to our mission.”   I can tell you this, I am already looking forward to the 2023 Bismarck Marathon.


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