Ever wonder what the fastest growing job in North Dakota is?

It's likely not a job you would ever guess. The website SmartAsset looked at Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers to see which job is the fastest growing in each state.

They simply looked at the raw number of employees in a certain profession in 2012 and then again in 2016 to come up with the results.

Looking at those numbers, the fastest growing job in North Dakota is a postal service clerk. There were 130 North Dakotans who held that position in 2012. In 2016, 380 North Dakotans held the job. That's an increase of 192%.

Unfortunately the study from Smart Asset doesn't look into what could be the cause of the increase in employed people in each profession in each state.

But for what it's worth, according to the US Census Bureau, the approximate population of North Dakota in July 2012, was 702,087. The population of the state in July 2016 was estimated at 757,952. With an increase in population of nearly 56,000 people, obviously a lot more people were being sent mail and so it makes sense that more postal service clerks may have been needed.

For what it's worth, the fastest growing profession in most states is pretty random. For example, in Vermont the fastest growing job is library technicians.

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