Every state has a difference of pay for certain occupations throughout the country. The research behind this found what the highest and lowest paying jobs are in each state.

The career guide Zippia decided to take the time to find out this information, as previously mentioned by Thrillist. In North Dakota, surprise, it's anesthesiologists. The average income for an anesthesiologist in North Dakota is $283,200.

It's no shock that throughout the country, the highest paying occupations are dominated by the medical and/or dental field. You can view the full map to see what the highest paying jobs in each state are here.

On the flipside, the lowest paying occupations in every state are quite varied. However, the most common jobs on the map for the lowest paying jobs in each state are in the foodservice industry. In North Dakota, the lowest paying job is restaurant host. The full map of the lowest paying jobs in each state can be seen here.

There you have it. If there's a takeaway from this, it's that if you can survive the amount of debt you'll take on getting through medical school, you should probably stick with it.

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