This list is compiled for all that have strummed a tennis racket in imitation of Iron Maiden or have jammed to an AC/DC tune. Yes, sure thing that all the music EXPERTS have their favorites, and they might not be on this list, but who cares? Each band that's mentioned, has stood the test of time - what I mean is, The freakin Beatles broke up 51 years ago, and they are STILL selling records. The Fab Four have sold 183 million records, and check this out, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones COMBINED haven't sold that much.

I WAS kidding when I put David Cassidy ( The Partridge Family ) on this list, but you can't deny his appeal. The Stones and Aerosmith still going strong after all these years. The brilliance of Freddie Mercury, and the heavy earth-shaking Metallica. This list is for everyone who loves rock and roll, your opinion matters.


The Greatest Rock Bands Ever.

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