A one-time musical event is coming to Century High School!

"Tha Mash Unit" will be coming to the school. The group is made up of highly-skilled singers, hip-hop dancers, speakers,  and songwriters will be performing at Century High School this Friday (April 22nd) at 7pm.

I reached out to Laurie Foerderer, one of the organizers to find out more. She told me some of the group members traveled all the way from Tucson, Arizona and others from Atlanta, Georgia.

"It's just a mashup of talented people," said Foerderer.

Foerderer says one of the dancers just got off tour with Lacrae, the other tried out for the TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance."

While that is certainly impressive, the mission of the group is what really stands out. They focus on sending a positive message to young people. They perform in a way that uplifts, empowers, and gives hope to young people for when things get tough.

About Foerderer

Foerderer is both an art and leadership teacher at Century high School. She said it was when she was visiting Grand Forks that she first saw the group perform.

"The impact I've seen them make is just incredible. I knew it was something special," said Foerderer.

You Might Not Know This...

Foerderer is so passionate about bringing this opportunity to her students, that she's even taken the musical group into her home! She's currently hosting them, showing them around Bismarck, and exposing them to North Dakota's culture. Foerderer says, of course, they had to try some traditional German eats.

Foerderer says this is something both our community and the world needs more of.

"Our young people are struggling. We're in a mental health crisis. This group is going to give them a message of hope. I was willing to do whatever it took to get them here," said Foerderer.

For Me...

I (obviously) am a music person, so to see such a positive thing happening in our community -- and to have it include music, is truly awesome.

Foerderer shares these sentiments.

"All of us are impacted by music and dancing. Those kinds of visuals are what stick with us," said Foerderer.

It is a free event, that anyone is welcome to attend.


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