I've been trying to establish trees on my property south of Lincoln now for several years.

It's been a struggle to grow grass let alone a tree.  Poor sandy soil with very few nutrients has been a big part of the problem.  I've also had to learn how to deal with droughts and a nasty creature. A creature that I had never heard of before moving to the western side of the state. This little tree carnivore is known as a Spider Mite.

My first experience with Spider Mites came the very first summer that we moved here.  I planted a row of burning bushes near my property line.  Burning bushes are by far one of my favorite shrubs.  I absolutely love the stunning red leaves they display in the fall.

Unfortunately, I never got to see my bushes show all their fall beauty.  Instead, the shrubs had been chewed down to a bunch of small sticks.  I had no idea what was doing this, and by the time I figured it out, it was too late.

Since then, I've gotten well-versed on Spider Mites and how to fight them.  I haven't won the war yet, but I've won a few battles.

Spider Mites by the way love pine trees, like Colorado Blue Spruce trees, Ponderosa Pines, and Junipers.  Wouldn't you know, all of the trees I've been trying to establish? I will probably never get to see a large tree on my property, but that got me thinking.

What is the largest tree in North Dakota and where is it located?

According to NDSU & The North Dakota Forest Service, it is a Cottonwood Tree located in rural Cass County.  Here's a photo of it.

NDSU/North Dakota Forest Service
NDSU/North Dakota Forest Service

The tree is a whopping 123 feet. 

I'm pretty sure on my previous property in Grand Forks, I had a couple of Cottonwoods close to that.  Cottonwoods by the way can live to over 100 years old.

Several tree species located in Bismarck also hold honors for biggest of their kind.  You can see those here.

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