For whatever reason, the summertime is the time of year you'll pay more to fly, but there is a date when fares get cheaper.

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According to USA Today, that date is August 22nd.

So I decided to test this theory. My family lives in Lafayette, LA and I'm always booking round trip airfare from Bismarck to Lafayette.

I always book through American Airlines. The simple fact about American is they have an easier flight to Lafayette. Bismarck to Dallas and Dallas to Lafayette. Before American serviced Bismarck, I was always paying much more, and the simple fact is, American has always been cheaper for my travel needs and with the one stop, it's a lot less of a headache. This is by no means any endorsement for American Airlines.

My test was to book from Bismarck to Lafayette before the magical date and after, and this is how my non-scientific experiment looked.

Booking for one, departing Bismarck on Friday, August 18th and returning on Monday, August 21st was $866.

The same flight, departing on Monday, August 25th and returning on Monday, August 28th was $537. That is a HUGE savings! Your flight plans could be more or less depending on variables.

Of course, depending on your carrier and website used to book, your prices may vary, but for my experiment, it worked out well! Time to book to go visit my family!

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