Once again this winter, the more snow we get in North Dakota, the cheaper Bismarck's favorite beer will be.  Busch Light will take up to $15 dollars off of a 30 back of Busch Light or Busch.  You can also receive up to $10 dollars off of a 24 pack of Busch Light or Busch.

You can even track how we are doing in North Dakota and receive alerts from the company.  CLICK HERE!  Looks like they're taking one city from each state that the offer is valid, and using their snow data for the entire state.  Fargo is the city in North Dakota that Busch is going by.  Fargo by the way is currently at 3 inches of snow.  Probably a good thing, since Fargo has more snow than we do right now in Bismarck, and typically they receive a lot more than we do.

The rebate will be paid by a pre-paid Mastercard.  The offer from Busch Light runs from now until 3-28-21.  You must submit your receipt by 4-11-21.

So start wishing for a blizzard, (For Fargo anyway) because it's our ticket to cheaper beer in Bismarck Mandan RIGHT?  Either way, it means cheaper beer, and lets face it, if you're in North Dakota, there's a pretty good chance you're drinking Busch anyway.  Just remember to save your receipt to get your rebate..

This is the second year that Busch is offering this snow day deal. They kicked it off last year in a very limited amount of states, and this year it has expanded to 31 states.  The cheapest beer in the country right now is in Pennsylvania, as they have the most snow, followed by Vermont.  God knows we need the moisture in North Dakota.  Hopefully, we can add a few more inches to our total.



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