There is a massive list of phobias that exist all representing a fear of something different.

The website looked at searches in each state such as 'why am I afraid of…' to determine the most searched phobias in each state.

One of the most common phobia searches in general is Triskaidekaphobia. (That's pronounced TRIS-KAH-DECK-A-PHOBIA). That is a fear of the number 13. However, only in North Dakota is triskaidekaphobia the most searched phobia.

It's not clear why that phobia would be the most searched term by North Dakotans.

We looked at recent associations North Dakota has had with the number 13 and there have been both positive and negative associations.

First, it should be noted that North Dakota has 13 state parks. That's a good thing, right?

Last year, when NDSU upset Iowa with a last second field goal, Iowa was ranked No. 13 at the time. Another good thing!

Earlier in April, according to WDAY, one of North Dakota's biggest drug busts occurred when a man in Wahpeton was found with 13 pounds of meth.

And remember back in March when an Amtrak train got stranded in the snow in Rugby? It was stuck for 13 hours.

Whatever the obsession is about the number 13 and North Dakota, we say don't worry about it. It's all in your head probably.

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