I guess we all have our quirky phobias---things that we're afraid of.  For me I know when it comes to dying---I don't want to drown or burn in a fire.   Other than that after checking out what some celebrities are afraid of---i think I'm pretty "normal," but of course we all that that "normal" is the setting on a dryer.  Check out these crazy phobias!


Katie Homes is afraid of raccoons (and probably Tom Cruise???)

Kelly Osbourne and Howie Mandel suffer from haphophobia − a fear of being touched

Tyra Banks is afraid of dolphins

Nicole Kidman has a fear of butterflies

Hillary Duff has a fear of dirt

Orlando Bloom the star of those "Pirates of The Caribbean" movies has swinophobia − a fear of pigs

Keanu Reeves is afraid of the dark

Jennifer Love Hewitt is scared of riding in elevators

Christina Ricci has a fear of house plants--I have alot of house plants and she would NOT like hanging with me at my casa grande. (Huffington Post)

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