What's on your table for Thanksgiving? Turkey, pie and dressing with a huge heap of aunt Betty's... what ever that thing is she brings every year?

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We turn to the New York Times to find the most Googled Thanksgiving recipe by state.

Thanksgiving is a holiday where at most family and gatherings, have the same thing every year.Of course, the turkey. The only variation of the bird is over baked or fried?

The sides can be a smattering of baked mac and cheese to the dreaded green bean casserole. And of course, dessert!

Some of the most Googled Thanksgiving recipe by state included:

  • Minnesota- wild rice casserole
  • South Dakota- Snicker Salad
  • Montana- fruit Salad
  • Nevada and Colorado- Frog Eye Salad (what the hell?)
  • North Dakota- cookie salad

And you can grab the recipe for the cookie salad here. 

I've never heard of a cookie salad, after reading the directions and list of ingredients, sounds and looks delicious.

Enjoy your day of stuffing your face!

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