On Saturday, Jan. 6, the North Dakota State Bison will take on James Madison in Frisco, TX. But what do you do when nature calls?

Whether you are watching the game inside the stadium in Frisco or watching on TV at home or in a bar, you don't want to miss any game action.

Fortunately, thanks to information we received from both ESPN and the FCS, we can help you plan your bathroom breaks to ensure you don't miss a thing.

First let's start with how long you have before kickoff. Although the game starts at "11a.m," the actual kickoff will happen later than that.

ESPN is only coming on the air at 11 a.m., three minutes after the National Anthem which is scheduled for 10:57 a.m.

The coin toss is scheduled for 11:02 a.m.

Kickoff itself is slated for 11:05 a.m.

During the game, your best opportunity to go to the bathroom is at the end of each quarter. ESPN will be taking breaks that last 2:30 after the first three quarters. Of course after the second quarter, when the first commercial break ends, there will be no game action since it is halftime. We'll get to that in a moment.

During the first quarter, ESPN has three scheduled commercial breaks. The first one will be five seconds longer than the second. The first break is 1:35 while the second break is 1:30. The third break will be 2:00.

During the second quarter, there are also three scheduled breaks, all of which will last 1:30.

Now on to halftime.

If you're interested in watching the halftime banter, you'll have 2:30 right after the half ends to go to the bathroom. During the course of halftime, three more commercial breaks will be taken.

The first one will be 2:40, and the latter two will both be 2:30.

If you don't care about watching the halftime report, 20 minutes has been allotted for halftime inside the stadium. First there will be a Pizza Hut sponsored contest. Then the NDSU Band will take the field for six minutes. The James Madison Band will take the field for the next six minutes.

Following the James Madison band performance, teams will head back onto the field with about three minutes to spare ahead of the second half kickoff.

In the third quarter, ESPN has three scheduled breaks of 1:35, 1:30 and 1:30 respectively.

The fourth quarter has four scheduled breaks. The first three breaks are 1:30 while the last one is 2:00.

It should be noted that an extra commercial break may occur in the second or fourth quarter during a team timeout. However ESPN did not specify how long this break would be.

We've linked documents from the FCS and ESPN to help you visualize all this information better.

Good luck to you and the Bison and here's to a bladder world in 2018.


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