Earlier this month, adidas held an auction to sell one-of-a-kind shoes for charity purposes.

The athletic company teamed up with female artists and asked them to create a shoe to represent all 50 states. The shoes were then auctioned off for the Women Win charity which is "an organization that empowers girls to build leadership skills and address gender equity through sport"

This is what the North Dakota shoe looked like:


An artist named Jen Mussari created the shoe. You can follow her on Twitter here.

The auction ended on July 11. According to an adidas spokesperson, they were still tallying up the total amount of money that the auction raised.

The spokesperson also said that she did not have the number of the final bid on the North Dakota shoe immediately available but knew on the final night of the auction, the bid was at $200.

So that one-of-a-kind shoe with a bunch of random horses on it, meant to represent the state of North Dakota, sold for at least $200.

You can see what all the other state shoes look like here.

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