posted one thing you must do from each state and I think they got it wrong.


I would agree with most of their list. In Louisiana, you must experience a Mardi Gras, no doubt about it. In Minnesota, you must see the Boarder Waters area - it's beautiful. Plus you get to see where the Mississippi River begins. AMAZING!

For Alaska, listed you must see the Northern Lights. Indeed! It is a must!

If someone asked you what a 'must do' in North Dakota is, What would you say?

For starters, I'd say the North Dakota State Fair in the summer. I would also encourage a visit to the musical in Medora. The Mandan 4th of July is fun and the walleye fishing in the Missouri River is grand. These would certainly be events someone would remember.

For North Dakota, Cheapism said the must-do event is to visit the International Peace Garden at the border. Not to say the Peace Gardens aren't a nice area, but I wouldn't have put it at the top of my list.

What do you think?

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