Self-driving cars are the future. And when that future becomes the present, it will allow us to spend time in the car doing things other than drive.

Of course when you first get a self-driving car, you will spend your 'free time' panicking and watching with extreme paranoia as the car moves on its own and you will pray harder than you ever have before that the big chunk of metal doesn't crash into something.

However, once you get over that initial hurdle and feel safe in your self-driving vehicle, this will open you up to a world of opportunity. You can catch up on some work, you can read the news, you can stream a show or movie, you can of course still choose to listen to your favorite radio station (us!), and so much more.

Auto Insurance Center took a survey of people all across the country to determine the most popular activity that would be conducted by passengers of self-driving cars in each state.

A majority of states would use the opportunity to read a book. Interestingly, a decent amount of other states would choose to catch up with friends or family via phone. We have to assume that means via text messaging because with bluetooth in many cars already, most people can catch up with friends or family with a simple phone call while driving their current car.

Only three states would choose to watch a TV show.

And what may be the most revealing statistic from the survey is the fact that the activity that North Dakotans would choose to do most in their self-driving cars, was specific to North Dakota. No other states had North Dakota's activity as a majority answer.

But it may be fair to say that North Dakotans gave the best answer. According to the survey, North Dakotans would choose to eat in their self-driving cars! Of course! Breakfast on the way to work and dinner on the way home.

To see the full results, check out the map below.

Auto Insurance Center
Auto Insurance Center

American Insurance Center looked at a bunch of other stats as well regarding people's behavior inside self-driving cars and you can check that out on their website.

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