Have you ever wondered how many houses in North Dakota are worth at least one million dollars?

Fortunately, data from 'Overflow Data' gives us the answer. Interestingly the term 'million dollar home' doesn't mean a whole lot. We know the cost of a home is based on more than just its size.

A house that is on a beach in Southern California that looks identical to a house in Driscoll, North Dakota will not cost even close to the same amount.

In addition to landscapes, the quality of the local school district among many other factors determine the price of a home.

With that being said, only 0.8 percent of homes in North Dakota are worth at least $1 million.

Washington D.C. has the highest percentage of homes worth at least $1 million with 17.3 percent of homes crossing that threshold.

West Virginia, Indiana, and Arkansas have only 0.5 percent of their homes worth at least $1 million.

'Overflow Data' used information from the US Census Bureau from 2016 to come up with the figures.

You can see the full list here.

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