There's nothing like a good old fun Summer vacation.

Recently, Facebook released data to the New York Times about some of the most frequent destinations people "check-in" at while on vacation.

The data shows that overwhelmingly, people check into Mexico and Canada according to The Times. But after that, there are some destinations that although may not be "checked-in" at most frequently, they are places that people in each state "check-in" to more often compared to any other travelers in the US.

According to the data, the unusually popular country North Dakotans like to travel to is Liberia. It was the most unusually popular "check-in" destination for South Dakotans as well. It was No. 2 in Minnesota behind Somalia.

One reason for the multiple "check-ins" in Liberia could be immigrants who live in North Dakota that return home from time-to-time. Hunting excursions throughout Africa including in Liberia may also attract many residents of North Dakota.

Liberia is located in West Africa.

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