With the new school year about to ring in, we decided to find out where the richest school district in North Dakota is located. All parents want the best education for their children. Does the location of where you live determine the quality of education?

Depending on where you live does destemine the type and quality of education your student will receive. For details on the richest school district in every state we turn to GoBankingRates.com.

Most if not all public schools receive funding from local sources, namely property taxes, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. It figures school districts with wealthy households has its benefits and one of those benefits is quality education.

GoBankigRates.com examine the Census Bureau medium household income data in every state and crowned the richest school district in every state.

North Dakota's richest school district Thompson Public School District 61, just south of Grand Forks with a medium household income of $103,813.

See the rest of the list for the nation here.

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