Different discounts aren't always programmed at the pump.

I'm not being cagey. I'll straight up tell you I'm not going to tell you the exact gas station. Let's leave that to speculation in the comments.

I've been aware of this deal for quite some time.  But I never really cared.  I'm not a coupon-clipper or discount day person.  I probably should start since AARP is already sending me stuff. But I did find this savings scenario interesting. Because it also mixes in a hotly contested concept that not everyone in North Dakota has got on board with.

Hundreds now shun stations that require prepaying or paying at the pump.

Could be you. That's fine by me.  I just know that it's inevitable, even in North Dakota, and it's been in practice across the country for generations.  Just start by thinking about the price of gas these days.  Somebody fills up a big truck with liquid gold and pulls a drive-off. That's gotta be a couple hundred bucks right?

If you can believe it...drive-offs are sometimes viewed as employee errors.

So don't look at it as someone not trusting you. you're being considerate paying at the pump. BUT HOLD ON! Now that you've paid, you may not feel like walking inside just to buy one of the 25 varieties of Snickers you'll find at every station.  But you know you want one. Here's your solution, go inside and prepay for your gas and grab a Snicker bar too!

Plus if it's Sunday you could save twelve cents a gallon when you prepay INSIDE.

At least at a particular station. There are probably tons of daily discounts at the store you usually frequent. Make it a point to ask someone about them. I think a lot of the offers around town are probably centered on going inside first as different discounts aren't always programmed at the pump.

So maybe prepaying inside ain't all bad.  You could be earning extra Snickers!*

*this is not a paid endorsement for Snickers or any particular gas station


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