About an hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second and there are plenty of times where those videos are related to North Dakota.

We decided to search 'North Dakota' in Youtube and sort the results by how many views the videos have to come up with the most viewed YouTube videos about North Dakota.

For what it's worth, most of the videos put North Dakota in a fairly negative light.

It should also be noted that many of the below videos contain language that may be inappropriate or offensive to certain individuals. 

With that being said, let's look at the Top 6 videos related to North Dakota starting with No. 6.


Who could forget when Will Ferrell brought his Ron Burgundy character to KX News? That video is the 6th most viewed clip on YouTube related to North Dakota with over 1.4 million views to this point.

The NY Times did a story on a woman back in 2014 who moved to North Dakota to work as a trucker in the oil industry. A decision that she apparently wishes she had not made. As of this posting, the video has over 1.7 million views.

Next up is a video uploaded in 2014 of a tornado in Watford. The video has over 2.2 million views as of this posting.

You may recall in 2013, KFYR hired a news anchor who cursed to himself right as his first broadcast was beginning. The clip went viral and AJ Clemente who was promptly fired ended up appearing on The Today Show, Kelly & Michael, and David Letterman.

Clemente decided to pursue teaching after his gaffe. But a video of his original blunder on YouTube is the third most viewed video relating to North Dakota. As of this posting, the video has over 3.1 million views.

Up next on our list is a video pertaining to a more recent event. President Donald Trump visited Mandan in September. His daughter Ivanka was on the visit as well.

At one point during President Trump's speech, he noted that he likes it when Ivanka calls him 'daddy.' The comment received ridicule from many entities but Stephen Colbert's reaction to that and other topics in the speech on The Late Show has garnered over 3.7 million views so far.

And finally, the most viewed video on YouTube relating to North Dakota is the segment John Oliver did on HBO's Last Week Tonight in 2015. In the clip, Oliver is critical of the 'hospitality' North Dakota has shown to the oil industry. The video has over 8 million views to this point.

It's hard to imagine any other video relating to North Dakota will receive over 8 million views. But maybe one day, a video about North Dakota will surpass that milestone.











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