There are always those special places that are worth the drive for that special and delicious steak.

When I lived Minnesota, there is the little restaurant called Suzette's on US 169 just outside of the cities in Jordan. It used to be a gas station, which was converted into a little restaurant. Regardless of what you ordered, it is always the best. In other words, it is worth the drive from wherever you are.

Suzette's does not even have salt or pepper shakers on the tables. You don't need them. Whatever you get is always perfect. Suzette's is my under-the-radar spot in Minnesota. This sets the table for our subject today.

Cheapism scurried through all sorts of reviews and some word-of-mouth steakhouses, but have excluded the well-known chains, to come up with this list. The best under-the-radar steakhouse in every state. And who doesn't love a huge slab of steak? Face it, even a vegetarian sometimes, likes to venture on the dark side and have red-meat.

The place listed for North Dakota is located very close to you and me. We're talking about East 40 in Bismarck. With their 5 dining rooms and USDA certified Angus beef aged for 21 days, seasoned with their own spice blend. Plus the Cowboy rib eye is aged even longer. Seems like you can't go wrong at East 40.

There is another spot on the list I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in Little Rock, Arkansas. Doe's Eat Place is the hole-in-the-wall spot for a big-fat porterhouse steak.  You order the meat by the pound and is served family style and you also get loaded with french fries. It was President Bill Clintion's favorite spot.

You can see the complete list for every spot in every state here.



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