There's a man in town I feel deserves a little spotlight, and if you like Thai food, you've probably met him...

The Man, The Myth, The Mustache

Meet Ryan Knutson! ... or as many know him, "The Eat Thai Guy."

Ryan Knutson
Ryan Knutson

Ryan Knutson is originally from Thompson Falls, Montana, and is the youngest of six siblings. He's a father, animal lover, and loves a good fishing trip. He's a server at Bismarck's Eat Thai restaurant, and he certainly serves more than just food. Knutson greets everyone who walks through the door with a friendly smile

The Little Things:

Knutson makes it a point to remember "The little things." He doesn't just say "Hi" and "Bye." He gets to know each individual person. I honestly have to applaud him here... he's been able to keep up with the rollercoaster that is my life, and not just mine, everyone else's too!

He Knows Us, But Do We Know Him

Though he seems to know a little something about everyone, I couldn't help but feel like I hardly knew anything about him. I caught up with Knutson, and asked him a million questions. First, I asked, why he does what he does.

"I always make sure my customers leave happy and full I make sure to do better then yesterday. By remembering peoples order it makes them feel welcome like family," said Knutson.

Knutson has been described as friendly, quirky, and funny. Even if you haven't met him, you can probably tell that just from the Eat Thai voicemail.


Knutson loves sharing his personality to the world.

"My motivation is the fear of being average," said Knutson.


Hand drawn mustache vector set

Ok... Ok... We've Gotta Talk About The Stash!

Knutson has his own unique style, from his clothes to his imperial mustache. I asked him about the 'stash, and he told me it just sort of happened.

"Most of the time people ask about my mustache... I did the mustache because I went mining in California and couldn’t shave so it stayed," said Knutson.

What Else Is There To Know?

Knutson is someone you're sure to remember; he's a big presence in our small little community. You might not know it, but he's even got some hidden talents! He told me he once went to a state and national singing competition. Not only that, but he can do impressions of people. Naturally, the next time I see him, I'm going to have to ask for a small performance.

That's All Folks!

Make sure you say "Hi" to Knutson next time you stop in & thanks for reading!

Ryan Knutson
Ryan Knutson




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