Instead of fighting old age, you may want to embrace it.

And you'll never guess why.

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Penn State University tracked the eating habits of nearly 450 people aged 75 and older to see how it affected various diseases and even death.

Hold on to your Geritol because they found there is no connection between diet and disease or death.

The researchers divided the subjects into three groups – those who enjoyed lots of sweets, those who ate healthy foods like grains and those who tend to chow down on fried food and fats.

And while the folks who fall into the sweet treats category are at a greater risk for hypertension, it doesn’t appear partaking in any of the three diets will help or hurt when it comes to getting cardiovascular disease, diabetes or dying.

In other words, eat what you want because we’re all going to end up at the big fast-food joint in the sky, anyway.

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