There's something you need to know about Kroll's French Toast.

Think about a warm summer night. There's a light breeze. The sun is setting. You can see the reflection of the sun glistening off the Missouri River. It's bliss.

Or when you tell a joke and the entire room cracks up.

Or lying down for the first time on fresh, clean sheets under a perfectly made bed.

Or getting into a very warm shower after you just spent hours out in the cold or the snow.

Or when the person you love gently touches your hand and tells you that s/he loves you.

Or the second you get home from work knowing that you are about to start your vacation.

Or getting a legitimately perfect night of sleep where you wake up feeling energized and ready to go.

This is what it's like to eat Kroll's French Toast. The perfect browning of the crust and the center. That perfect egg colored yellow. The way the syrup just sparkles off the light.

You take a bite and you get the perfect combination of fresh, soft, toast, a perfectly toasted crust, warm maple syrup, and that perfect touch of egg.

It's amazing. The whole world would be a much better place if everyone just started their day with Kroll's French Toast.

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