Sometimes when you need a brew, you got to have it, which was the case for a Bismarck man who stole 2-12 packs of Coors Light from a parked Jerome Distributing Inc. truck, according to the Bismarck Tribune.

Rick Diamond / Getty
Rick Diamond / Getty

The 65 year old man was seen stumbling around town about 2 p.m. Wednesday (August 16)  near the 800 block of East Sweet Avenue in Bismarck. Witnesses told officers they saw the man take the beer from the parked truck, as the driver was making a delivery.

When officers arrived, the man was hiding in the Bismarck Tribune parking lot and they  found the man, and saw him  crack open a can of brew and take a gulp.

The unidentified man was cuffed for theft of property. The value of the heist was $21.80.

Sometimes, you just need a hot can of beer.

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