Smoking is bad for your health. This is not really up for debate anymore these days. But a lot of people still smoke anyway.

In North Dakota, a decent percentage of the adult population smokes. In fact, according to a new report from 24/7 Wall Street, North Dakota is in the top 15 in terms of the percentage of adults who smoke.

The report states that 19.9% of North Dakota adults smoke. That is nearly 1 in every 5 adults.

The state taxes just $0.44 per pack which is the fourth lowest in the nation. In New York, where taxes are the highest, they charge $4.35 per pack.

Interestingly, despite the high amount of smokers in North Dakota, the state boasts one of the lower cancer deaths per per 100,000 people at 176. That is the 10th lowest in the nation.

The state with the most smokers is West Virginia where 26.7% of adults there smoke. The state with the least amount of smokers is Utah where just 9.7% of adults smoke. North Dakota took the No. 15 spot on the list.

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