If there's anything we can all agree on, it's that ice cream is delicious. Now, when we start talking about the different flavors, that's where we get into debate.


Summer Staple

Honestly, I'm the type of person who will eat ice cream no matter what the weather is. If it's snowing and I'm having a craving, I'm getting it.

Anyway, I found a map on Angi that shows what each state voted as its favorite ice cream flavor. Here's what some other states had chosen:


It has come to my attention that Kentucky has the strangest ice cream fave of all the states. Banana ice cream is their go-to. I've heard of banana splits, but plain banana ice cream is something I didn't even know existed.

New York

New York has an odd one too. The state likes Butterscotch the most. I feel like butterscotch is an acquired taste. I'm not sure I'd go to that one first, second or last.

North Dakota

Ok, so North Dakota's favorite ice cream flavor is none other than Neapolitan. We like options, apparently, and we're not alone. Both California and New Mexico had that as the top flavor.



The most popular ice cream flavor in the country is Vanilla, according to the site. This is kind of boring, but you can do a lot with Vanilla; there are endless topping options.  Pistachio ad Neapolitan tied for second in the country with 5 states each.

That's all! If you always get the state favorite when you go to the store, maybe try to switch it up and get something out of the box... not banana though. Anything but banana.

Thanks for reading!

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