Happy Bir...Oh, wait, it's not until tomorrow. That's when North Dakota turns 128 years old. Did you get us anything, 49 other states in the U.S.?

We'll let South Dakota off the hook since they're also celebrating a birthday on Thursday, November 2nd. President Benjamin Harrison signed the Proclamation of Admission on that day back in 1889, making both North Dakota and South Dakota states within the union...And then the party began. People tipped over wagons in the streets, some people had lampshades on their heads, it was pandemonium...Honestly, I have no idea what people back then considered as partying.

Unfortunately, there was no internet, nor were there selfies back then, so if you're someone who frequents the phrase, "Pics, or I don't believe it," then we can't actually prove there was a party.

But, let's at least look at the progress we've made. At that time, North Dakota's population was a mere 190,000. In 2016, that number has grown to 757,952. Who says people are eager to move away from here?

Also, before becoming a state, we were all sorts of jumbled up into one big territory with South Dakota and some of Montana and Wyoming. Imagine what that would look like on a map. The shape is absurd. Sure, we'd be bigger than Texas, but are we really that egotistical that we'd need to utter the phrase, "Everything's bigger in the Dakotas?" I'd like to think that we're better than that.

So, party it up tomorrow North Dakota! Tomorrow's your birthday and we're going to party like it's 1889 (there's a Prince '1999' pun in there somewhere).

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