I saw this story yesterday and my first thought was "Well karma will catch up with these thieves"

In this day and age, WHY would anyone be comfortable with packages to be delivered and left on their porch? This is such an invitation for petty thieves to roll up real quick, get out of their car and rip you off. I do understand though that most people work, and that there is nobody home to safely bring in the packages. So some just roll the dice and hope that their dropped-off items will be there waiting for them.

Unlike the old days, you can protect yourself against theft even more

Perhaps those that do order things online, knowing that they will be eventually be dropped off at their doorstep, feel more secure that their house is armed with cameras in strategic areas. People that are dumb enough to be overly brazen in the daytime, drive up in their own vehicle, oblivious to the door cam capturing every move, AND their license plate exposed deserve to be caught.

Goodness always prevails

According to KX NET "The Bismarck police report on November 29, around 11:39 a.m., someone hopped out of a vehicle and walked up to the porch of a home in the 1700 block of Longley Avenue. There, the person took four packages of children’s Christmas gifts from the doorstep of the home..." Check out the video from Bismarck Police Department

These two drove away from the scene with children's Christmas gifts in their car. The Bismarck Police Department put out some info on their Facebook page about the crime and the best news of all a follow-up post yesterday ( December 1st ): ***UPDATE*** Suspect has been identified and the packages were recovered. Thank you all for your assistance!!! Once again, Goodness Always Prevails!





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