Well you FINALLY got your uncle off the couch after his extra-long nap ( on Thanksgiving day )  Now all you have to do is get rid of your Christmas tree and keep your eyes on your car

Ok well ditching the tree should be easy enough, but what the car? For some weird reason losing your vehicle to theft is quite common right around this time of year. According to KX NET "The police say with the colder weather, it may be tempting to leave the keys in the ignition for just a minute, but it only takes 10 to 15 seconds to steal a running vehicle" That is why the police department says that THE most common holiday day to get your car ripped off is on New Year's Day, and it makes perfect sense to me.

So, what can I do to hopefully prevent someone from stealing my 2009 Silver Chevy Impala? ( That goes 0-60 in six and a half minutes )

Here are some NEVER's and other tips that Bismarck Police Department posted on their Facebook page:

-Never leave your keys in your vehicle.
-Never leave your car running unattended.
-Never leave valuables visible in your vehicle.
-Consider installing anti-theft technologies and devices.
-Park in well-lit areas when possible.
-Call a ride service or a friend if you have had too much to drink.
-If your car is stolen, report it to the police immediately.

If you concentrate on all the helpful tips, you should have your car safe and sound when you wake up on January 2nd ( just hope your hangover finally goes away)

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