North Dakota has a lot of very unusual landmarks scattered throughout the state but one of them is really bizarre.

North Dakota boasts the world's largest holstein cow with Salem Sue, the world's largest buffalo in Jamestown, and it also has whatever the heck is going on in Regent along the 'Enchanted Highway.'

That high honor was bestowed upon Tommy the Turtle in Bottineau. Of course, on par with the aforementioned landmarks, Tommy is indeed the world's largest turtle with a height of 30 feet.

According to, Tommy was built by a man named Boots from Idaho and the statue was transferred to Bottineau in 1978 on a few flatbed trucks.

Tommy's eyes and nostrils are inverted quotation marks. Tommy sits atop a snowmobile and is adjacent to a couple of tennis courts. Tommy apparently symbolizes the 'Gateway to the Turtle Mountains.'

Tommy the Turtle definitely does not come to life at night to terrorize local children.

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube

Tommy is a good turtle.

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