We all love little babies--even the hardest heart will melt when a baby smiles.  And if you're wondering here in North Dakota--what ARE we naming our little bundles of joy.  Got the stats for you....The Top Baby Names in North Dakota Are….


The Social Security Administration has released a list of the top baby names of 2013.  Do you know a baby girl named Emma here in Bismarck?  Emma was the most popular baby girl name in North Dakota, as well as in most other states; it was the top name in 27 states!

Do you know a baby Mason here in Bismarck?  Mason was the top baby boy name here in North Dakota.  Nationally, Liam was the top boys’ name in most states, taking first place in 18 states. 

The top overall names nationally differ a bit than those by state.  Here are the top 10:


1)    Sophia

2)    Emma

3)    Olivia

4)    Isabella

5)    Ava

6)    Mia

7)    Emily

8)    Abigail

9)    Madison

10)   Elizabeth



1)    Noah

2)    Liam

3)    Jacob

4)    Mason

5)    William

6)    Ethan

7)    Michael

8)    Alexander

9)    Jayden

10)   Daniel

And for the state by state breakdown of the most popular baby boy and baby girl names---here ya go!!







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