According to several news outlets, there was a minor tornado outbreak on Monday, August 15th in northern McLean county.  Two sets of tornados were confirmed touchdowns near Ruso, North Dakota, and Strawberry Lake which are both north of Turtle Lake, North Dakota about 20 miles.

Ruso, North Dakota has the distinction of having the smallest population in the state according to the 2020 census.  Only ONE person is said to live in the soon-to-be ghost town.  Strawberry Lake on the other hand is one of North Dakota's prettiest lakes, that has a fair amount of cabins on it.  This 144-acre lake defiantly has a bigger population than Ruso, even on a Monday.

Here are a couple of videos of these tornadoes which thankfully produced no serious damage or injuries.

and another video that shows even the dog is taking cover.

Again, thankfully no serious damage or loss of life from these twisters. It's been a relatively quiet summer storm season in my opinion so far this year. I personally love thunderstorms and I wish we would have more of them (minus the hail and tornadoes).

We do have a chance for thunderstorms late this afternoon and they could linger into tonight.  No severe weather is expected but these storms could produce brief gusty winds and small hail.  This will probably be our best chance of rain in the next several days. Slight rain chances will continue through both Thursday and Friday for Bismarck Mandan.  My lawn needs a drink.  I'm too cheap to water it.  It's turning several shades of yellow and some moisture is needed.  That's if the Bismarck Bubble will allow it.

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