Fresh off the highly attended Trump boat Parade here on the Missouri River in Bismarck, another parade has been organized in North Dakota.  The Trump 2020 Keep America Great boat parade is coming up this Saturday at Lake Sakakawea State Park starting at 11 am.

Organizers say parade goers should meet this Saturday, September 5th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. near Alcatraz Island outside (north) of Lake Sakakawea State Park (LSSP) marina.
There will be a National Anthem ceremony at 12 noon and then the parade will begin immediately following.

This will be a rather long parade in comparison with the Bismarck boat parade.  The route will go south towards Garrison Dam, turning east - navigating along the Garrison Dam.  Boaters are reminded that it's Salmon fishing season and maintain a safe distance from other boaters and anglers.  They will then turn north by the spillway gates and pass the Riverdale Bluffs.  Continuing on, they will navigate east between Wolf Creek campground to the south, and Mallard Island to the north.  Once past the island and campground, they will head north towards the Highway 83/Audubon embankment.
When they reach the north end of the embankment (near the pumping station) the lead boat will return back to Lake Sakakawea State Park.  If boaters wish to continue along the north shore towards Fort Stevenson, they may do so.

If you would like to watch the parade and show support here's where you should go.  You can watch from the overlook on the East end of Garrison Dam or the pumping station parking lot near Totten Trail.  You are advised to NOT stop on the Garrison Dam or the Highway 83 embankment to watch.  It's unsafe and also illegal.

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